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Database Browser Portable Download

 Database Browser Portable

Database Browser Portable is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to connect to any database and browse or modify data, run SQL scripts, export, and print data.

  • Works directly with Oracle, MS SQL Server, ODBC, MySql, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Ole DB, Interbase, and Firebird
  • Support for ODBC connection strings
  • Unlimited number of connections
  • One-click switching from one connection to another
  • One-click table browsing
  • Data browsing
  • Data exports into CSV, Excel, Html files
  • Execution history
  • SQL Builder with a wide range of supported databases
  • Execution Log
  • Incremental Table Search

Download Details

  • Publisher: DB Software Laboratory &
  • Date Updated: 2020-05-13
  • Date Added: 2010-07-22
  • System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • App License: Freeware (Personal and business use)
  • MD5 Hash: e172570dbc8038ab1fb1cb2ec5b4910e
  • SHA256 Hash: 0d0643545ba7b08d989b5fe84fe6c726357472267b74b645b7bb158fab0727c5
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