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Brave is probably best known among hardcore geeks as one of Chrome’s challengers. But for awhile now, the company has offered more than just a privacy-minded browser. A year ago, it launched the beta for a search engine, too—and now, on its first anniversary, Brave Search has hit a milestone of 2.5 billion queries, with a peak of 14.1 million queries in one day. For a nascent search engine, these numbers are big. As Brave claims in a blog post, it’s won this achievement faster than Google (who took over a year to meet the same goal), plus run circles around DuckDuckGo. Its privacy-oriented rival took four years to cross the same threshold. Brave Search is now the default search engine for the company’s Brave browser

Brave Search is also launching a new feature called Goggles

. In addition to exiting its beta phase, Brave Search is also launching a new feature called Goggles. (Cue many future typos.) It joins another recently announced feature, Discussions, to provide a larger swath of information available online. But while Discussions are supplemental search results that show posts from forum sites like Reddit, Goggles hands users direct control over search results. You can apply your own rules and filters to queries for more flexibility and better tailoring of what gets served in response. For example, you can narrow the scope of what’s searched or influence the order of the results—you’re not bound by Brave Search’s algorithms. In theory, Goggles should help when performing niche searches that can be overrun by general, popular results or when intentionally isolating content with certain tones (e.G. Left- or right-leaning news sources). 

Brave’s initial set of Goggles, which will be deleted once users begin creating and contributing their own. PCWorld This feature could bolster Brave Search’s appeal among people who’d normally never go beyond Google. It offers a broader, more independent look at what exists on the web—after all, what a search engine serves you is based on its opinion of relevancy, as dictated by its algorithms. Just as you might solicit multiple opinions on a topic, the ability to manually seek different takes on search results via Goggles can help you gain a wider range of perspectives. Brave Search also provides a sense of higher quality, more curated results—you don’t need to learn the little search term tricks that force Google to filter out SEO garbage or to actually pull in Reddit posts. But you can see it for yourself—just pop on over to https://search.Brave.Com, run a search, then click on “Goggles (Beta)” at the top of the results to apply a filter. You can also read more about the Brave Search’s approach to indexing the web and its anniversary milestone in its blog post.Using Brave, You Can Address One Of The Most Contentious Aspects Of Online Search 

New features have been added to Brave’s privacy-focused search engine

New features have been added to Brave’s privacy-focused search engine, which the company claims will help users overcome search engine prejudices. With Brave Search’s public release comes an experimental new feature called Goggles, which allows users to establish a set of search-results criteria that may be applied. User preferences are taken into account when the tool re-ranks search results based on their preferences. If you type in “politics,” for example, Brave’s results will emphasise articles from tech blogs above big news organisations, as seen in the example. A year after its introduction, Brave Search is still committed to providing consumers with the privacy they expect and deserve. According to Brave’s Chief of Search, Josep M. Pujol, “The web is evolving and our phenomenal success demonstrates that there is need for a new player that puts consumers first.” ‘Today, we’re unveiling Goggles to change the way people search and put them in control for the first time.'” Going forward, Goggles will make search rankings and filters open and accessible to anybody who wants to use, contribute, or improve upon them. Brave Search has completed its beta testing phase.

Brave Search handled 2.5 billion searches in its first year

Brave Search, which went into beta exactly one year ago, has seen tremendous growth because to the rising popularity of the company’s web browser. Brave Search handled 2.5 billion searches in its first year, outpacing direct competitor DuckDuckGo by a factor of four. Figures show that Brave has a good chance of beating DuckDuckGo, despite the fact that views on privacy have evolved significantly since its debut in the late 2000s. DuckDuckGo, whose search engine is built on top of Microsoft Bing, has seen its fortunes take a turn for the worst when it revealed that the company’s mobile browser does not filter out Microsoft trackers in accordance with an agreement with the Redmond giant. On the other hand, Brave claims to be the only search engine that is really independent of Big Tech since it is driven by a proprietary web index that is built from scratch. The quality of Brave’s search results is also great, according to this writer’s experience, but for more sophisticated inquiries, it’s essential to resort to Google. 
Brave Search would need a degree of compromise if you were to completely leave Google. Instead of relying on intrusive monitoring tactics, Brave thinks it can overtake the market leaders by allowing users to anonymously contribute their browsing data and provide feedback. “Privacy, autonomy, and innovation are, without a doubt, appealing. However, search relies on accuracy to live or perish. ‘We sought out from the outset to design a search engine that provides the high-quality results users expect from Google and Bing,’ the company said. There can be no freedom of information without the availability of diverse search providers. As a result, search engines that rely too heavily or solely on Big Tech face censorship, biases, and editorial decisions from Big Tech. Brave is creating something new, not just a slicker version of what’s already there. Subtly charming pop culture geek. Amateur analyst. Freelance tv buff. Coffee lover

This Free Video Chat Doesn’t Require An Account Or Even Your Name

As more people started to work from remote locations or at home, the video conferencing software Zoom exploded in popularity. Tap or click here for Zoom tricks you’ll wish you knew sooner. With most video chatting platforms, you must download a sizable program, create an account and log in. Then, you might fight with an unfamiliar user interface to get yourself set up. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Read on to find out how to make hassle-free video calls for free. Here’s the backstory Nobody should struggle with video calling apps, how to set it up or creating an account. That is why Brave built the functionality into its browser, which is the only application you’ll need.

Brave has a strong focus on privacy and security

 Once the browser is installed on your device, you will be ready to go with Brave Talk. Brave has a strong focus on privacy and security. In addition, it boasts of being one of the fastest browsers around, letting you access the internet four times quicker. Tech news that matters to you, daily Privacy, security, the latest trends and the info you need to live your best digital life. Here are some of the benefits of using the built-in video calling feature from Brave: Brave Talk doesn’t have any online tracking cookies, data collection or information linking you and participants in the call. No additional app is needed. 
The video calling function is built into the Brave browser, so there are no extra apps to load or accounts that you need to create. You can make video or voice calls to as many people as you want, for as long as you want. There are no limits on the duration, and it won’t cost you a cent. Additional functions – for a fee. The primary calling function is free to use, but it is limited to four participants per call. For a $7 per month fee, you can add as many people as you like to one meeting and record the calls. Brave Premium also includes hosting tools like muting participants and setting up entry codes. How to start using Brave Talk The easiest way to get chatting with Brave Talk is to download the Brave browser. After that, you’ll see the option to create a meeting right away. You just need a video camera on your device to start chatting. Keep reading 5 best browsers not named Chrome to use with your Android phone Firefox browser hits a major milestone – Is it worth taking a second look at?

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