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 DSpeech Portable

DSpeech is a TTS (Text To Speech) program with the functionality of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) integrated. It is able to read aloud the written text and choose the sentences to be pronounced based upon the vocal answers of the user. It is specifically designed to quickly and directly provide the functions and improved practical usefulness that is requested by this kind of program. In the meantime, the invasiveness and resource consumption is minimal. Some notable features of DSpeech are 1. Allows you to save the output as a. WAV, .MP3, or OGG file; 2. Allows you to quickly select different voices, even combine them, or juxtapose them in order to create dialogues between different voices; 3. DSpeech integrates a vocal recognition system that, through a simple script language, allows you to create interactive dialogues with the user; 4. Allows you to configure the voices in an independent way; 5. Thanks to apposite TAGs, it allows you to dynamically change the features of the voices during the playback (speed, volume, and frequency), to insert pauses, emphasize specific words, or even to spell them out; 6. Allows you to capture and reproduce the content of the ClipBoard; 7. DSpeech is compatible with all vocal engines (SAPI 4-5 compliant); 8. AI dialog system. Not really useful, but amusing. It does not work in every language.

Download Details

  • Publisher: Dimio & 
  • Date Updated: 2020-12-29
  • Date Added: 2017-06-09
  • System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • App License: Freeware (Personal and business use)
  • Source: LAME,
  • MD5 Hash: 7a4bd133a52380dde5444a6c94065bd2
  • SHA256 Hash: 30e148de260094fa9efc09a8596bbedc3ee76b438c1e7640c01b1128e6528c17

DSpeech is packaged for portable use with permission from the publisher.

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