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How to Pass Korean Language Test KLT with good marks ? – EPS books 1,2 with Listening-Reading MCQS PDFs with Audio files and past exam papers 2017-19 Free Download

 How to Pass KLT Test ? – Korean Language test with good marks

Best way For to learn Korean language so quickly from the basics and to start reading and understanding listening’s.1st of all learn Korean alphabets with single vowels and double vowels it will take 2,3 days for all. Then start reading and also do practice on how you can write alphabets from left to right and from up to down. You can see examples in EPS TOPIK book from chapter 1 to 6 of reading and writing practices with words making of connecting two ,three alphabets.


book 1(click to download)

book 2(click to download)

How to learning Korean Langaguege Listening Easily ?

when you learn reading then you can easily learn and do listening practice. You will need to listening EPS Topik book 1 and book 2 audios and do practice daily.

There are two Audios tracks for every chapter. so you can see chapter track icon and then see audio folders track name and then start listening.


Book 1 tracks(click to download)

Book 2 tracks (click to downlaod)

How to learn Korean Grammar Easily ?

For learning Korean language grammar ! you will need to make sentences and understand present, past and future tense. You can easily learn grammar if you knows vocabularies.

Here is grammar book pdf to learn 

Grammar PDF (Click to download)

 How to learn Korean and make sentences ?

You can learn to make Korean sentence very easily and its possible to read and listen Korean KLT MSCQS PDFs reading and listening books.

Here is download link for Korean reading and listening MSCQS of KLT

Reading PDF (click to download)

Listening PDF with AUDIOS (click to download)

How to see and knows Past exam Papers of KLTs ?

To understand Paper of KLT reading and listening Papers. You can download past exam papers which i shared with all of please don’t forget to give me feedback in comment section.

KLT Recent Exam Papers

2017 paper (click to download)

2019 paper (click to download)

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