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Notepad++ Portable Latest Version Download

 Notepad ++ Portable

Notepad++ Portable is a full-featured text editor with features like Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding, User Defined Syntax Highlighting and Folding, PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) Search/Replace, customizable GUI with vertical tab and vertical document list, Document Map, Auto-completion: Word completion, Function completion and Function parameters hint, Multi-Document (Tab interface), Multi-View, WYSIWYG (Printing), Zoom in and zoom out, Multi-Language environment supported, Bookmarks, Macro recording and playback, Launch with different arguments, and more.

App Notes

When using the Notepad++ plugin admin, after Notepad++ restarts, close it, wait a moment, and then reopen it. It tends to break out of portablization on many systems.

Download Details

  • Publisher: Notepad++ Contributors &
  • Date Updated: 2020-03-25
  • Date Added: 2007-07-05
  • System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • App License: Open Source (GPL)
  • Source: Notepad++,
  • MD5 Hash: b24b7062bb9377651fd20ea1e4d72532
  • SHA256 Hash: b1e25c265829a506b2f62107277cee837fbe234757b0b15f0a35d393b1bed0d2
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