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Top 8 Social Media Apps For Business | Popular social networks | top social media apps


Best social media apps

The best social media apps can help you gain a competitive edge. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms and allow businesses to reach a broad audience with their ads. Twitter is a popular platform for sharing small updates and spreading quick messages. LinkedIn is an excellent professional networking app. WatsHood is a social community app that keeps users updated on their neighborhood. These platforms are both appropriate for business and personal connections. For more information, check out the following top social media apps for business.


Twitter: With 25 million new users in 2017, Twitter continues to gain ground. With its focus on microblogging and limited character limit, the platform has seen great growth this year. While it’s not as popular as Facebook, Twitter offers phenomenal engagement rates. Brands can use this platform to establish their “voice” by engaging with customers. Another popular platform is QQ, a Chinese instant messaging app. More than 80 countries use this app.


Tumblr: Tumblr is a popular social network among artists. Its eponymous name hints at its artistic nature. The service features a visual community. In addition to its photo-sharing capabilities, it also offers features like hashtags and topic-based content search. And as a final note, you can find a social media app for every niche. I have listed the top 7 social media apps for artists below. You may also find something that piques your interest.


A number of advantages, the top social media apps for business use should be able to meet your specific needs. If you need to create a live video, try Using YouTube. The platform allows you to edit the video to your liking. Vimeo is ideal for live or on-demand classes. Also, if you’re a content creator, Zoom is a great option. You can connect with your audience through video.


Despite its popularity, Instagram is still a powerful platform for entrepreneurs. Its usage tends to be low among young adults, but remains high among women. Its recent changes include an overhaul of its user interface and an added “Reels” feature that lets users create funny movies based on current internet trends. Facebook, which has always been in the top ten, has changed a bit to appeal to a new audience. Adding the ‘Reels’ feature has also improved storytelling capabilities.

TikTok and Snapchat

TikTok and Snapchat are similar, but unlike these platforms, they are better suited for creative types. Bubbly allows users to create voice posts, connect with celebrities and artists, and share the content on other social media platforms. Similarly, Flickr allows users to post original photos and videos. The app features a rewards system and a DanceOff feature. You can even earn rewards for viewing and sharing others’ videos. Moreover, you can also collaborate with other users and earn points.


In addition to Twitter, Instagram is also a popular social networking app that attracts more users than Facebook and Twitter. It is an excellent platform for building a strong brand awareness among young people. In addition to being a valuable marketing tool, Instagram also provides useful analytics and features for business owners. The app also allows users to schedule their posts. YouTube is another popular social media platform that has more than two billion active users worldwide. Unlike other social networking sites, YouTube has a massive audience of countless individuals, making it an essential tool for brands.


VKontakte is the Russian equivalent of Facebook. Its users can create a variety of videos and choose from a large database of movie clips, filters, and songs. TikTok also features video sharing, instant messaging, and live stories. TikTok is owned by Chinese internet giant Tencent, and has more than 500 million users. While the Chinese government controls the content of this social media platform, it is the second most popular website after Facebook.

 Popular social networks

Snapchat has more than 300 million active users worldwide, a 22% increase over the year prior. Snapchat is wildly popular with younger users. Its disappearing posts and user-generated catalogue of augmented reality filters appeal to younger users. Almost seventy percent of U.S. Internet users are under 25 years old, and the app is used by seventy-five million people daily. In addition to Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media apps for young adults.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the most popular social networks. But they aren’t the only social media apps available. Some of them also let businesses connect with their customers and consumers. Among them, Telegram allows businesses to have private conversations. Its secure messaging feature allows users to turn off notifications, preview their messages, and lock specific conversations. It also allows users to share photos and videos and message them privately. While these social media apps are becoming increasingly popular, it still remains one of the best platforms for social media marketing.

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